Submit Articles Using the Form Below


Manuscripts must be typewritten, doubled spaced on A4 paper with margins on both sides not exceeding twelve (12) pages, abstract and references inclusive.

The title of the article should convey the topic of the research. Avoid words that add little to the meaningfulness of the article. E.g. “an empirical study of …”, “A field study of …”etc, such words make the title too lengthy.

The Abstract should not exceed two hundred words and should contain the aim of the study, methodology, main ideas of the discussion, research findings and conclusion.
Research finding should be described in terms of intelligible to non-professionals/expert readers.

Original, well-referenced manuscripts

The manuscripts are reviewed on the understanding that they are original and unpublished works of authors and are not considered for publication elsewhere.

The title page should contain the Title of the Article, Names of the author(s) and Contact address(es), mobile phone number(s) and e-mail address(es) of the corresponding author(s).

All references must have in-text citations and all in-text citations must reflect in the references.

References must be typed separately and inserted at the end of each article based on the APA referencing format.

Tables, Clarity, Submission Types

Figures, tables and drawing should be clearly shown and the position(s) marked in the article.

The authors are responsible for preparing manuscript copy which is clearly written in scholarly acceptable English or French language and contains no spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors.

Papers should be submitted in hard and electronic copies or electronic copy alone..

Manuscript Acceptance Rights

The Editorial board reserves the right to accept or reject manuscript(s) where it/they fail to meet the international standard/requirement and such decision is final.