ADSU Journal of Scientific Research is a journal for publication of original research articles from interested scholars and researchers in the academic community, international agencies, groups, individuals, institutions and other establishments concerning scientific approaches to sustainable development. Manuscript are critically reviewed and published annually. Articles not previously or simultaneously published in any other scientific or technical journal, written in English or French language but not limited to the following areas of research are considered for publication:

Agricultural Sciences
Biological Sciences
Computer Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Medical Sciences
Physical Sciences
Science Education and Technology.

Submission of article for publication implies the transfer of the copyright from author(s) to the publisher upon acceptance. Accepted papers become the permanent property of the “Adamawa State University Journal of Scientific Research” and may not be reproduced by any means without the written consent of the Managing Editor or Editor-in-Chief.

All manuscripts must be typewritten, font size 12, double spaced on A4 paper with margins on both sides, not exceeding twelve (12) pages, abstract and references inclusive. Receipts of paper will be acknowledged. Authors will be informed of the referees’ report and rejected papers will be returned to the authors.

Manuscript Categories
(i). Full length paper (maximum: 13 pages 50 references)
(ii). Short Communication (maximum: 8 pages 25 references)
(iii). Review (maximum: 40 pages 90 references)

Manuscript Preparation
Title of paper
The title of the article should convey the topic of the research. Avoid words that add little to the meaningfulness of the article. E.g. “an empirical study of …”, “A field study of …”etc, such words make the title too lengthy

Names and address(es) of the Authors
The title page should contain the Title of the Article, Names of the author(s) and Contact address(es), mobile phone number(s) and e-mail address(es) of the corresponding author(s).

References should follow the current APA format.

The abstract should not exceed two hundred (200) words. Should be written in simple language, clear and concise and should contain the aim(s) of the study, methodology, main ideas of the discussion, research findings and conclusion. Abbreviations should be avoided and if used, should be explained at least once.

A minimum of five (5) and maximum of six (6) keywords must be given at the end of the abstract.

This should provide a general context for the work, explaining its significance and indicating why it should be of interest to scientist of other areas. Literature cited must be discussed to show the relationship between published work(s) and the research study.

Materials and Methods
Previously described methods should be cited and not elaborated upon. Details should be referred to literature cited. New approaches or methodologies should receive detailed attention. Statistical methods of treatment should be mention if used..

Results and Discussion
Results and Discussions should be combined. The original and important findings should be stated. Results should be illustrated with figures or tables where necessary but these should be kept to the minimum. The discussion should be highlight what is new in the research.

It should summarize the major findings that could be drawn, pointing out their significance and alluding possible future directions.

These should be presented at the end of the text and before the references. Technical assistance, financial assistance and advice may be acknowledged.

Manuscripts should be submitted in hard and electronic copies or preferably electronic copy alone (e-mail) to the above address for publication.

Tables should be typed in separate sheet and numbers consecutively with Arabic numerals (e.g. Table 1, Table 2 etc). They have a short descriptive caption at the top.

Figures should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals (e.g. Fig. 1, Fig. 2 etc). Graphs should preferably be drawn using appropriate computer software and presented on single page ready to mount. These should be constructed in a manner that they understood without reading the text. Appropriate symbols should be used on graphs and explained in the legends. Graphs should not duplicate results presented in the tables. Photographs should be produced in black and white. Titles and comments of the figures and photographs should be provided on a separate page using MS word.

Units and Symbols
SI units should be used for physical quantities. Symbols, units and nomenclatures should conform to the recommendations of International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)..