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ADSU Journal of Scientific Research is a journal for publication of original research articles from interested scholars and researchers in the academic community, international agencies, groups, individuals, institutions and other establishments concerning scientific approaches to sustainable development.

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Dr. S. Mamuru

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In any knowledge-based system, the currency of exchange is information “To gauge the research temper of African people”.

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Manuscripts must be typewritten, doubled spaced on A4 paper with margins on both sides not exceeding twelve (12) pages, abstract and references inclusive.

Papers should be submitted in hard and electronic copies or electronic copy alone.

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The Editorial board reserves the right to accept or reject manuscript(s) where it/they fail to meet the international standard/requirement and such decision is final.

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Manuscript Publication.

Manuscript are critically reviewed and published annually. Articles not previously or simultaneously published in any other scientific or technical journal, written in English or French language but not limited to the following areas of research are considered for publication.

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  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Computer Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Medical Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Science Education and Technology

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